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Here at MKULTRA-Foods Your Mind Is Our First Priority. That is why we work so hard to "bring home the bacon," bacon that you have neither seen nor tasted, delivered under the cloak of night and beyond the reach of your living memory: Tantalizingly Impossible: its Liquid Bacon!

Use as Dictated: slather unto the noggin region in copious, viscous lumps until coated with a dense, pornographic yoke. The desired numbing effects include: blithe, unquestioning sense of entitlement, enhanced capacity for unconscious consumption, righteous paranoia, and of course oblivious suburban lethargy. For more information please visit our PRODUCTS page.

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The MKULTRA-Foods site-guide:

Explore at your peril, you know you want to. Learn more about our corporate history and the intrepid dealings of our commander and chief: MKULTRA-Foods Cheif EXECUTIVE Officer Mr. "Mister" Kincaid. Visit the most powerful links page on the internet, featuring the corporations that make up the MKULTRA-Foods clandestine global NETWORK. Discover the MKULTRA-foods ultra-private COLLECTIONS of contemporary art. Enter "LIQUID_BACON " and become plasmic with the amniotic yolk of systematic will. Occaisionally you may encounter a blank area of secret text, try highlighting this area with your cursor: BE MY SEX SLAVE: you get the idea! If your cursor indicates that a clickable link may be underfoot we dare you to click there, who knows where you will be teleported? But most of all, stay calm and remember: there is no point to controlling a mind that is lost.

See you on the other side!


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

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